the disorganized writer

Friday, July 14, 2006

Getting Started

I self published my first book in 2nd grade. There was only one copy, but it was widely circulated among immediate family members. With such an audacious beginning, you would think I’d have a little more to show for myself. I do have a few publishing credits, but not enough to shake a stick at.

My problem (well, one of many) is that I can’t decide what to write. I have notebooks of ideas for fiction and non-fiction, few young adult novels in various stages, poetry that needs revising, and a gazillion books and bookmarked websites I’m sure I’ll read every word of one day.

My latest kick is starting writing classes and not finishing them. I’m on Day Eight (it took me two months to get there) of The Write Approach from Inspired2Write, but I lost my notebook. I ordered “The Artist’s Way” and the accompanying journal. I’ve read the introduction. Just an hour ago, I bookmarked a few new sites and signed up for the F2K newsletter so I can start the free course next time it’s offered. Again. These are my most recent attempts to jump-start my writing and get in some kind of writing habit. I’ve read it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. I guess they have to be in a row.